Friesland – 30th March 2014

Today was a slight change to usual, as all the competitions were couples events. This means that students had to dance together without the assistance of their teacher or a more experienced dancer.

Our team today was competing against dancers from six other schools from around the East Midlands area IMG_0659assessed by three external adjudicators from Hull and Whitby. The team consisted of Emily and Madeleine in the Juniors and Andy & Dawn, Dennis & Sue, Neil & Carla and Allison & Serena in the Adult categories. There was a mixture of Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence events on offer and everyone certainly delivered on all fronts.

Emily & Madeleine won all three of their Ballroom events, also their Sequence competition and finished off with two second places and a third in the Latin section. They had to perform all four of the Ballroom dances – Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango & Quickstep; the Mayfair Quickstep and in the Latin Section the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. Well done on your results and also on remembering and delivering on all your choreography.

In the Adult field all four couples danced strongly delivering three first places, four second places, two third places, three fourth places, two fifth places and two sixth places between them. Special mention must go to Allison & Serena who are just starting to ‘dip a toe’ in couples events and who should be very proud of their achievements.

Last but not least are the highly contested Adult & Child competitions. The ‘home team’ of Andy & Emily won their Quickstep event. Then Dennis, Neil, Carla & Sue partnered with children from other schools to make their finals.

Final thought on the day, is well done to you all on your immaculate outfits. Your dresses were definitely the best on the floor & the gentlemen were just as good in their outfits all with suitably matching ties.


Castleford – 9th March 2014

It’s Sunday again already and off we all go to another competition. Well done to everyone for recovering from last week and being keen and eager for the new challenges on offer at Castleford.

It was a very good team turnout, which turned into a very good day of dancing and results. The ballroom was full to capacity with a very high standard from other dance schools so all recalls and final positions were very keenly contested. Making the following list of results even more impressive.

In the children’s section – Emily S won both her ballroom & latin events, with Grace winning her Jive and being placed runner-up in her Waltz. Final places were also achieved by Miriam, Lydia and Molly. Molly & Emily also reached the final of both their ballroom & latin couples competitions. This made a total of 11 final places between the small group of five dancers – you should be very proud of yourselves.IMG_0644

Then it was on with the adult’s section – the sequence events had the largest entries of the day making recalls and final places not easy to come by. Congratulations to Christine for winning her section & special mention to Paul for making the final after three tough rounds - definitely your best sequence performance to date.

On with the ballroom & latin sections. Eleven, first places were secured & lots more Blackpool qualification slips were filled in.

Overall it was a very good day for the school and the camaraderie and ‘feel good’ factor seemd to have carried itself over from last week making it a really enjoyable day.

Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work & dedication.

Long Eaton 2nd March 2014

A truly brilliant team effort – dancers, partners, supporters & helpers – you all played an amazing part to give the team a very successful day out.

Special mention must go to those dancers who won their events (and there were many of you) Miriam, Molly, Sarah D, Carla, Sue, Emily S, Josh, Allison, Andy, Karen C, Lydia, Dawn, Grace P and Richard.

Also to those who entered a competition for the very first time – Chris, Craig T, Craig T, Sarah S and Olivia. Congratulations on your first outing around the competition floor and we look forward to seeing your futures develop.

There were also many first timers on the partnering front. With a few of our regular partners unavailable, for various reasons, it fell to others to take on additional responsibilites. All who partnered on the day, Emily S, Julie, Lydia, Josh, Molly, Andy, Allison, Paul, Serena, Charlotte, Claire and Sarah rose to the challenge very well. Along of course with our experienced regulars Ruth and Luke. Thank you and well done to you all.

Thank you also to all the dancer’s family members and friends who for eight hours supported the competitors with lots of clapping, cheering, words of encouragement and support.

And finally a thank you to our helpers – Stan, Maria, Jean, Karen H and Dennis – you all played a crucial role.

Boris bear was exhausted last night but after a good night’s sleep he’s feeling much better today and is ready for a week of hard training ready for the next Blackpool qualifying competition on Sunday 9th March. He looks forward to seeing you there.


Whitwick ISTD Sequence Qualifier

IMG_0640Our dedicated team of dancers gathered once more for another qualifier, this time for the Blackpool three dance sequence events. Unfortunately we were missing a few of our regulars this time through illness but those who made it were in good form. Of those who had not yet qualified for Blackpool in these events Miriam, Emily, Molly, Julie and Serena all made the grade so well done and congratulations to you all. In addition, Andy and Allison won their events.

Life never stands still however and with our own competition at Long Eaton only two weeks away, closely followed by another qualifier at Castleford the week after there is lots more hard work to come. We know however that you will all relish the challenge.

Medal Presentation Dance 2014

IMGP4164aThe presentation and social afternoon took place this year at the George Spencer Academy, a new venue for us and one which seems to have been favourably received by those present. Over a hundred medallists, friends family and social dancers gathered for an afternoon of dancing with delicious cakes and refreshments provided by the FROGS (Friends of George Spencer).

The children and young adults thrilled everyone with a display of their talents in a montage of Ballroom dances which was enjoyed by all. Over the last few weeks it proved to be quite a challenge getting it sorted, but it all came together in the end so well done to you all and thank you for your focus and hard work.

The school award this year was presented to Suzanne Endersby whoIMGP4162a has been a dedicated pupil and medallist in all branches for 24 years, never missing an exam session in that time. Congratulations from us all.

Don’t forget the next event will be our Competition at West Park, Long Eaton on March 2nd. Make sure you are there!!

ISTD Qualifier – Kettering (and not snowing this time!!)

It seems ages since the school had been out in force at a competition and so after the excesses of the Christmas season it was good to be back on the floor. Boris and the supporters club were all back in action fully refreshed after the break as we once again began the qualifying journey to Blackpool Grand Finals in November.

IMG_0615The children, as usual, were first into action and Grace gave a tremendous performance with a 1st place in her ballroom, 2nd place in the latin and making the final of her sequence event. Molly finished 2nd in her ballroom, a great achievement since this was her first time in the junior section. Leila and Lydia came 2nd and 3rd respectively in their sequence events, which are always the most keenly fought competitions.IMG_0619 Finally Miriam managed 6th place in her ballroom event which had one of the largest entries of the day with nearly 30 competitors. Well done to you all.

Next up were the adults and we had Hazel joining us for the first time who,IMG_0620 I think, surprised herself with a 1st place in her ballroom event and followed it up with a respectable 4th in her latin event. Sue also had a great day with 1st place in both her ballroom and sequence events and there were also 1st places for Josh, Karen H (following her recent marriage to Paul!), Allison, Dawn and Charlotte.

In the couples events, Dawn and Andy and Carla and Neil took 1st and 2nd places respectively in both their ballroom and latin events and Sue and Dennis had a 1st and 2nd in theirs.

In the over 50 years sequence event all six finalists were from our school. as were four of the finalists in both the under and over 35 years events. IMG_0626

Overall we had a fabulous day and congratulations to all who took part, but of course the hard work starts now!! Finally it was also great to see Julie returning to the team after a break of nearly three years, welcome back.

See you all at the Medal Presentation Dance on Sunday 1st February.

A Christmas Message From Boris

Boris has returned home to spend Christmas with his family and friends after what has been a busy but very successful year in the Dance School.

He will return full of energy in January at our first qualifier of the New Year in Kettering but in the meantime he would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a best wishes for a successful  New Year.